Received an email which appears to be from us?

If you have recently received an email purporting to be from us, there is a good chance it is fake, and is instead an attempt to harvest personal data from you.   If you have responded to such an email, please contact us immediately via phone at 406-443-3347 in Helena, 406-771-9700 in Great Falls, or 888-423-5173 elsewhere.

The only valid emails we have sent recently are as follows:

1) Our Monthly Email Safety Reminder.   This message just informs you about the risks of responding or otherwise taking action based on content within an email message.   A copy of this email is available by clicking here.

2) Your monthly billing statement.  Your monthly billing statement will come in an e-mail message by default.  This e-mail will always be from the e-mail address of  It will have a subject of "Montana Internet Corporation - Monthly Internet Bill"   There will be a .PDF file attached to the e-mail which is your actual statement.   The .PDF attachment will be named Billing Statement_ and the date the bill was generated.   A sample of that billing statement is HERE

On occasion we will also send an individualized email asking you to contact our office, or in followup to an email you sent us.  Please be aware that all email from Montana Internet has an address ending with or   No other forms are correct - if you are corresponding with anyone who does not have an or address, believing that they are from Montana Internet, please contact us at the numbers above.